Friday, April 22, 2011

Creature Feature: The Ohio Grassman


The are a lot of primate-like cryptids described in the stories and legends of the world. North American is especially fond of these creatures with unique variations in the Pacific area, Florida, and the Midwest. For now I’m going to focus on one local to me, the Ohio Grassman.

The Ohio Grassman is basically some sort of unknown ape. It’s thought to be 4-8 feet in height and is usually described as having a red or brown tint to its fur. It’s been spotted throughout various locations in Ohio but the largest concentration of sightings are from the northern part of the state. Sightings have occured in urban areas, fields, and woodland locations.

There are a couple of traits the Ohio Grassman exhibits that are not usually described with other ape-like cryptids. The first thing unique to the Ohio Grassman is the ability to build living structures. Several large nest-like structures have been found that people claim belong to these animals. The nests are mostly built out of vegetation and tree branches. The other thing unusual about the Ohio Grassman is that it’s been seen traveling in groups. People who believe in this creature claim it lives in small family groups which migrate in order to find food and resources.

Could this be an Ohio Grassman structure?

Of course, if these animals are really travelling in numbers, it seems strange that real evidence of their existence hasn’t been made available. But maybe there are a small number of these guys hanging around. For now I’m going to just keep my eyes (and ears) open.

Do you think the Ohio Grassman could be a real creature? What about the other ape-like cryptids in the US and the world?


  1. I support the idea that a group of indigenous creatures like this would need to have a breeding population large enough to survive. If that's the case, it seems unlikely that this animal could live in Ohio with no verifiable proof of its existence...perhaps hoax?

  2. Maybe there is so little evidence of his existence because Han Solo picks him up in the millenium falcon each night?

  3. It could be a hoax, Michael. Or several cases of misidentification. Bears have started migrating into the state in small numbers so it's possible that people just got glimpses of hairy things and made the own conclusions.

    Lol Ryan. That would explain so much.

  4. then what explains the cases of identification............. also im a cryptid investigator and was wondering if u had any tips

  5. I think a lot of the sightings could be misidentifed animals. We've had a small number of bears migrate to the state recently and people aren't used to seeing them. Of course, it's possible people really are seeing something undiscovered. I would love for someone to get some good solid evidence. But right now all we have are eye-witness accounts and that's not a lot to go on. The best advice I can give you is to spend as much time in the field as possible and also do plenty of research. Good luck with your investigations! Let me know if you find anything of interest. :)

  6. ok you see a bigfoot and its family walk threw your back yard .You take pictures and pictures of there foot prints and you record them at night near your house.Thats proof they are real and now what?who listens? youll look like a fool!why ruin your reputation to prove to a bunch of non believers its real..forget it and that is exactly why! happens all the time.they are out there!!

  7. My Friends and I were just walking outside in a field at 1:30 am. We heard a shrill, whining noise followed by a knocking of wood noise. It is said to have been believed that the grassman makes those noises. We had never heard of this before. We sprinted home and checked the internet and we have seen shocking evidence that matches everything I heard and saw.