Monday, May 30, 2011

Signs of Demonic Possession

This is just a general list of potential symptoms. Many of these things can be caused by psychological issues-if you (or someone you know) are showing any of these symptoms you should speak to a psychologist first. You should also never attempt to perform an exorcism without the help of a religious leader.

  1. Changes in personality. Usually the individual becomes more aggressive and angry or becomes withdrawn from life. They may begin swearing more frequently or act out of character. They may treat friends and family members like their enemy and show little concern for consequences.
  2. An unpleasant sulfur smell (similar to rotten eggs) may appear near the individual.
  3. The individual has strange markings on their skin. Burns or scratches can be in the shape of words or just present. These can be the result of self-mutilation or appear without the person’s knowledge.
  4. Animals may react to the possessed person with fear or aggression. They may also appear to react to unseen things in the room.
  5. The person has an aversion to religious objects or leaders.
  6. Objects may move or levitate when the person is present.
  7. The possessed individual can demonstrate an almost inhuman amount of strength.
  8. Their eye color or other physical traits may change suddenly.
  9. The individual may hear voices when no one is present or attempt to talk to the demon.
  10. Periods of memory loss. The possessed person may black out for long (or short) periods of time.
  11. An interest in the occult. Finding occult relics or satanic material are a clues that the person may have been unknowingly inviting demonic entities into their life.
  12. Changes in temperature in the individual or the room.
  13. The possessed person may growl or attempt to speak in other languages.
  14. The person’s voice and demeanor may change.
  15. They person may have knowledge about the future or demonstrate the ability to read others thoughts.


  1. LOL...sulfur smell made me think of "Supernatural". The research on that show must be really good because they do this stuff (including the eye color). I had not idea that the switch of their eyes to black in the show was based on real life stuff. I mean you've hit it all here. They've used levitation or thrown people telekinetically, piles of sulfur, changing eyes, memory loss, incredible strength...

    Awesome post Alyson

  2. Thanks Michael, The research team on Supernatural does an amazing job. They certainly get their facts straight when it comes to mythology and legends and such.

  3. Another symptom is incoherent rambling after a long period of bloghopping sometimmmmmeesss fggzf nkdz nj ddhiog sdgc njk help!!!

  4. Oh I know the feeling lol

  5. Reference, eye colors, has anyone ever heard of yellow and green color changes of the eyes?? with eyes enlarging or changing shape? even the pupils can take on an almost catlike appearance... please if anY1 HAS ANY INFO ON THIS... help me!!!!

  6. Thank you for this, I wanted to know about possessions and it helped but I'm not too convinced that getting possessed is real. Anyone seen it before. With their own eyes? Answer please.