Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 10/31/12- Happy Halloween!

The Huffington Post has an article on the Michigan Dogman. You can read it here.

Spike TV has announced a new series for Bigfoot hunting with a ten million dollar prize. Details are here.

Gather has an article debating if Bigfoot is a protected species.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Behind the Scenes

I had the change to investigate a pretty cool museum over the weekend. We didn’t have a ton of paranormal activity while we were there (that we were able to see or hear on our own) but it did give us a chance to explore parts of the museum that are normally closed off to the public. One thing I’ve learned over the years of ghost hunting, is that museums almost always keep their best stuff in storage. It’s amazing how much the public doesn’t get to see. Along with the regular museum stuff, this building featured a room being used by a local artist as a painting studio. It was like this building had this whole other life and existence that very few people ever get to experience. I can’t go into a museum now without wondering what’s happening behind the scenes.

Have you every had the chance to take a behind the scenes tour of a building or museum? If so, how what is?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dangers in Ghost Hunting

Sometimes, when you’re ghost hunting, you come across an entity or spirit that latches on to someone in the group. One of my fellow team members has been dealing with this recently. It’s difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it, but it really does happen. I’ve watched and heard many strange things happening around the team member since it happened, and he’s been really struggling with how to deal with it. Objects have been flying at him, we hear growls when he’s around and he barely sleeps anymore. Ultimately, you can ever get rid of something you can’t see. You can ask it to leave, but there’s no way to force something out of your life.

After a recent occurrence yesterday, we laughed and joked about ghost hunting being dangerous, but both of us know there really are some risks putting yourself around ghosts, because you never really know what you’re going to run into. So, if you’re considering giving ghost hunting a try, just remember there really are some risks involved. I think the rewards are worth the risks we take, but it’s something that shouldn’t be approached without some thought and consideration.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 10/18/12

MailOnline posted an article about a plan to use a stealth airship in an attempt to capture an image of Bigfoot.

The Huffington Post has an article on a lake monster in Quebec/Vermont. You can read about it here.

A Bigfoot sighting was reported in Texas. You can read about it here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Birthday!

So yesterday was the two year anniversary of this blog (yay!) I’ve come a long way since I first started and have learned a lot about blogging and ghost hunting and the paranormal along the way. I’ve also met (well, virtually) some amazing fellow bloggers and people. Thanks to everyone who has commented, e-mailed and supported over the past two years! I’m looking forward to continuing to blog and grow. I can’t wait to see what the next year(s) of blogging bring!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 10/11/12

There's a report on Russian cryptids here, including a brief discussion of a lake monster that's caught some people's attention.

A neurosurgeon describes his near death experience here.

The Sun reports that the Mars rover has found a shiny object on mars. Read about it here.

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to find a Haunted Building

When my team goes on a ghost hunt, we often find places based on recommendations by other paranormal groups. But sometimes we come across an old, interesting building and think ‘hey, there might be something going on in there.’ We’ve actually done quite a few investigations by cold calling the building owners and frequently find out there is paranormal activity happening. I’ve found over the years that there are certain factors that can contribute to ghosts being present in a building.

Here are a few things to look for if you are trying to find a haunted building.

  1. Age plays a big factor. Older buildings have more history, which means it’s more likely that they will attract ghosts.
  2. Something tragic happened there. There’s a definite correlation between bad things happening and ghosts hanging around.
  3. The building has been unoccupied for awhile. Empty buildings seem to be favored by ghosts, probably because they don’t have to worry about people bothering them.

There are also theories that buildings close to water, routes of transportation, or limestone are more likely to have paranormal activity, but I haven’t seen enough evidence to support these theories. If you really want to find some place with a ghost or two hanging around, just look for an old, spooky empty building. You might just find a spirit or two.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 10/3/12

Huff Post has an article about a former Air Force Colonel accusing the US of a UFO cover up. You can read it here. They also posted an article about Kei$ha claiming that she had sex with a ghost. You can read that one here.

Alaska Dispatch has an article on Bigfoot sightings in there area.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

It’s finally October, one of my favorite times of the year! This month is always full of fun fall activities, scary movie marathons, haunted houses and of course Halloween. My team always does an investigation the week of Halloween and I’m really looking forward to our location this year (I’ll share more about it later.)


Do you guys have any fun things planned for this month? Do you like to celebrate Halloween?