Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 1/4/12

This year started off strangely, with thousands of birds falling  from the sky in Arkansas. You can read more about it here. posted about a recent Bigfoot siting in Kentucky. The witness claims that the creature appeared to be surrounded by some sort of aura. Check it out here.

A strange ball that fell from the sky last month has been identified as a part from an unmaned rocket. The Sydney Morning Herald posted an article about it here.


  1. The mass bird death sounds very Alfred Hitchcock

  2. The birds falling from the sky is kind of disturbing. I hate it when animals die enmasse. I think we have only humans to blame.

  3. I believe the last time this happened they were able to track it down to a poison the birds ingested, but the idea still creeps me out a bit. I would hate to be caught in a shower of dead birds.