Monday, March 25, 2013


Something that comes up from time to time in ghost hunting is the mention of vortexes. The idea is that there are areas that have unusual energy levels and that can be turned into portals or doorways into the spiritual world. People who believe in them often think that spirits enter this world through the doorways created by vortexes. You can’t see or touch a vortex, but people with psychic abilities often claim to be able to sense when they are near one. I’ve been on numerous ghost hunts where the property owners claimed vortexes existed.

I’m personally pretty skeptical of the concept. Most of the photos I’ve seen that claim to be images of vortexes are clearly camera straps that have fallen in front of the lens. While there are certainly areas that seem to have higher levels of paranormal activity, I’m not convinced that it is because doorways exist in those locations. I could be totally wrong though, but proving something invisible exists is pretty challenging.

Do you believe the possibility of vortexes? If you believe in ghosts, do you think spirits need to enter through a gateway to our world?


  1. Nexus is the term I have heard (and use). Everyone thinks they're near one or have felt one, or someone they know keeps one in their basement and feeds it bears and bars of gold on Sunday afternoons so the spirits don't mess with the TV reception on Superbowl Sunday.
    There could be places where it is EASIER to come through, but no doorways.

    ***Oh, your book/blog post is scheduled for the 4th on my blog.***

  2. Supposedly, the Great Salt Lake which is very close to where I live is a huge psychic vortex. A psychic lady that I know (she calls herself Patrice) has said as much. She's offered to tell me my horoscope (like a full blown one based from a birth certificate).