Monday, July 8, 2013

Technology and the Paranormal

A friend of mine had my laptop last week (sorry there weren't any posts!) and it got me thinking about how technology has changed the way we interact and communicate about the paranormal. Not long ago, the only real interaction people had with paranormal happenings came strictly from personal experiences and stories told by people they knew.

Things are different now. There are books and movies and TV shows dedicated to understanding the unknown. There are thousands of images available online that people believe show evidence of ghosts or strange creatures. It's incredibly easy to engage with others in discussions about the paranormal in general.

It's a wonderul position to be in because we have access to so much information, but it also puts us in a position of relying on other people, often strangers, for news and information, and not everyone is exactly trustworthy. But I think that knowing there are places available to research and discuss strange phenomenon benefits a lot of people, simply because they have somewhere to go if they experience something they don't fully understand.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the advances in technology continue to help people who are looking for answers. Do you think advances in technology will continue to help the paranormal community? Or do you think they are doing a disservice?


  1. Would you say that if someone could download their entire consciousness into a computer, that it could be counted as a ghost?

  2. Hmmm, maybe. I usually think of ghosts as more spiritual beings than intellectual things though.