Monday, January 6, 2014

Are Ghosts Affected by Temperature Changes?


Right now, where I live, it’s currently 1 degrees out. The entire section of the country I live in is caught in an icy weather spurt, which got me wondering if ghosts would act differently in cold or warm weather.

I haven’t got enough experience ghost hunting to have a solid opinion on this. I’ve always avoided ghost hunting during cold temperatures, and it doesn’t get extremely hot where I live, so I’m not sure if a spirit might behave differently in extreme temperatures.

Personally, I’m more inclined to think that ghosts don’t actually feel temperature changes as many of them tend to hang out outside in the elements. They certainly aren’t hiding out just in the warmth of nice toasty houses with indoor heat and plumbing. In fact, many of them are drawn to old, empty buildings. Several of the places I’ve investigated had no heat at all, and still seemed to be a beacon for paranormal activity.


What do you think? Can ghosts feel changes in the temperature?

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