Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Partial Apparitions

There’s a weird phenomenon I’ve noticed in the paranormal world. People often describe seeing ghosts-but not the entire thing. Many people claim to only see a face or a head and torso in front of their eyes. This raises a lot of questions. If these people really are seeing ghosts, why aren’t they seeing the whole thing?

I’ve got a couple of theories on this.

One possible explanation is that ghosts use or need energy to manifest in this world. Maybe the ghosts have a limited amount of energy and chose to use it to make the most important features appear to others. A facial expression can relay a lot more information than a random foot or arm could.

Another theory is that the people seeing the ghosts are in a state of shock and only notice part of what is appearing before them.

It’s also possible that ghosts have no control over what part of them appears and that people who are seeing them are simply getting an accidental glimpse of another dimension. Maybe the spirit can’t control what the window shows.

No matter the reason, it’s an interesting occurrence. I wish more investigators would spend time trying to understand why this is happening. Maybe it could give us a better understanding of the spirit world.

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