Tuesday, April 8, 2014


In the paranormal world, EVP’s, the mysterious voices captured on various recording devices, are a huge deal. Investigators spend hundreds of hours collecting, reviewing and studying sound recordings in the hopes of hearing voices that may give them some indication that there may be a paranormal presence somewhere.

EVP’s are also one of the easiest bits of paranormal activity to capture. A simple digital recorder and some free time is all it takes to be able to try and capture these voices.

Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of EVP’s with groups I’ve worked with and through other groups. Some are small, hard to understand noises. Others are clear, loud, and easily defined sentences.

Everyone assumes these voices are from people who have passed away, but there are other possibilities as well. They could be noises carried over from nearby buildings or rooms, something being carried over radio frequencies, or even some phenomenon we haven’t discovered yet.

But I’ve also heard a few that were so clear and pointed straight to a specific deceased person. I’ve heard enough of these that I have little doubt that at least some EVP’s are really being caused by spirits.

Have you ever heard an EVP? Do you think they are caused by ghosts or something else altogether?

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