Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ghost Hunting Gadgets


Most ghost hunters take a variety of equipment out with them on a hunt. It can range from anything from a flashlight and basic camera to expensive video and audio equipment. Every item has a different purpose and can add value to an investigation. Here are a few of the gadgets being used by ghost hunters today.

-Digital recorder-this simple device allows investigators to take sound recordings that can be played back later. Occasionally they will capture a voice or sound that wasn’t heard at the time of recording.

-EMF detector- This device measure how much EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is present in a particular location. There are all kinds of theories about how high EMF’s may increased paranormal activity. People also believe that EMF’s can have physical effects on people that may be confused for things that are paranormal.

-Laser grid-This device is like one of those little laser pointers except is projects a wall of laser dots against a surface. This can make it easier to see movement or shadows in certain spaces.

-Ghost box-this device scans radio waves at a rapid frequency with the possibility that a spirit may be able to manipulate the box in order to speak.

-Full spectrum cameras- These cameras have been adapted to photograph using all the light in a room-not just visible light, with the hopes they can capture a wider range of shadows and possibly spirits.

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