Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Devil's Box


I’ve been hearing a bit of stir lately about investigator’s using something called a Devil’s Box during investigations. This is a simple box made of mirrors that is set out on an investigation with the hope that it will lure a spirit. Once the ghost goes into the box to take a closer look, the spirit is supposedly trapped inside the box. The people using the box can then question the spirit or remove it from the premises.

Personally, I’m pretty doubtful of any of this. Anyone with experience with ghosts knows that they are usually pretty intelligent. They would know better than to get themselves stuck in a simple box. Even if one did decide to investigate, they would certainly be able to figure out how to exit the same way they entered. Spirits are also frequently observed moving through walls. I don’t see why a simple mirror would prevent them from using this ability.

While it would be amazing if a ghost hunter did figure out a way to pin down a ghost, I doubt it’s something that we will ever really understand, unless some serious, thorough scientific studies are done on ghosts. If we don’t understand what they are, we certainly can’t understand how to capture them.


What do you think? Do you think ghosts can be captured? Would you use a Devil’s Box?

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