Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The 5 Best places to see a Ghost


If you are trying to catch a glimpse of a spirit, here’s a list of some places you might be able to catch one!


  1. An old building. Ghosts like to visit places they used to hang out.
  2. The site of a tragedy. There are theories that spirits get trapped at locations when they die. It can’t hurt to look for them at these places.
  3. Near water. A lot of people believe water is a natural conductor of paranormal energy. It makes sense that ghosts might travel by water.
  4. Anywhere isolated. In my experience, ghosts tend to stay away from large groups of people and like to keep to themselves.
  5. Cemeteries. Some people insist this is the best place to see a ghost (for obvious reasons) but I’ve never personally encountered one in a cemetery. It can’t hurt to keep an eye out though if you do step in one of these places.

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