Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Aliens and Time Travel

Recently I came across some articles about a man who was talking to people online and telling him he was from the future. While it seemed pretty apparent that the man was just pretending, he did present some interesting theories.

One of the ideas he talked about was the idea that aliens, as we see and recognize them today, may not actually be visiting from another planet or universe, but instead might be a highly evolved human, travelling back from the future.

In some ways this makes sense. Our culture has been favoring things like large eyes, smooth skin and slender bodies. Most recent depictions of aliens all have these traits, only taken to extreme measures.

If this theory was true, it would raise some interesting questions, like why wouldn’t the visitors try to communicate with us, or warn us of certain events? Perhaps there could be repercussions for interacting in a current timeline, but why would they allow themselves to been seen? Are the people claiming to see extraterrestrials accidently catching glimpses of time travelers?


While we will probably never know what people are seeing, but it raises a lot of interesting questions. Do you think aliens are real? If so, where do you think they come from?

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