Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This week in paranormal news...

I came across this video of some weird activity in Blockbuster. Do you think it's real?

STV posted an article about the paranormal calls received by the local police in Tayside. You can read it here.

A photo of a strange looking creature in Rochester was posted on a $7 dollar reward is being offered for its capture.


  1. That video kinda looks real. That worker appears to be genuinely scared. Maybe it is real. Or maybe someone was playing a prank on him? Either way, I don't think that guy was acting.

  2. Hmmm. Videos falling off the shelves? It's hard to say...definitely odd.

  3. I wonder if people interviewed the man and what he had to say. Were there any cold spots? Has this ever happened before?

    It could have been a prank, as nico101 has said. If it is, I want to go to a Halloween party thrown by this person! lol

  4. Looks like the ghost couldnt find the movie it wanted, maybe the manager should get some new films in.

  5. I agree that the guys reaction seems genuine. Not really sure what to think about it. And sorry to the commenters whose comments vanished. Blogger ate them. I did get to read and enjoy them though before they vanished. :)