Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 5/18/11 posted two different articles about dragon sightings this week. You can check them out here and here. I'm not terribly convinced the images are actually of dragons, but it would be pretty cool. posted an article about a mysterious hole that appeared in someones yard in New Jersey. I've taken down the link as it was causing some problems but you should have no trouble finding the article with a bit of searching.

There's an article on BBC News about watermelons exploding in China. No one seems to have a good answer to why it's happening.


  1. I think the watermelons had something to do with the fertilizer or something strange like that. I'm sorry I tuned out on the bus this morning when they were running the story.
    I live in a farming community so...

  2. The article said that some of the watermelons didn't use fertilizer and still exploded so I don't really know what caused it. It's probably one of those weird natural things.

  3. Exploding watermelons? Life is so wonderfully weird :)

  4. A mysterious hole has appeared in my wallet, the weird thing is that it coincided with the arrival of my 2 sons....
    Love the weekly roundup Alyson.

  5. Watch the link on that hole, when I went there I got attacked by some kind of application/virus but Norton blocked it.

    Anyway, the hole looks man-made to me. Gimme a shovel and a few hours and I could do that.

  6. Carrie, I love how weird life can be sometimes :)

    Ryan, lol I think I have the same hole in mine!

    Thanks for the heads-up Michael. I think I'm going to try and take down the link so no one has a problem with it.