Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Psychic Information Helpful?

If you say the word psychic to someone, all kinds of images potentially comes to mind. To some, psychics are evil charlatans out to take people for all they’re worth. To others, they are problem solvers, or innovators or simply people with a really unique gift. But the only people that truly understand psychic ability are the people who experience it first hand.

Psychic ability is a concept that goes way back in history. Biblical prophets, Greek oracles, and medicine men (and women) from around the world have claimed to possess knowledge of future events.

The idea of being psychic sounds really appealing. Who wouldn’t want to know what is going to happen in advance?

But it is really a good idea see what’s coming? Part of the enjoyment of life can come from life’s surprises. Sure, they may be stressful at times, but the element of surprise also keeps us on our toes. Plus psychic knowledge is usually information interpreted by a human being, and humans often make mistakes. Making decisions based on poorly interpreted (or false) information can lead people in the wrong direction.

The risk of error usually isn’t enough to keep people away from psychics though, and in many instances psychics have helped to solve crimes, or assisted in working through others’ problems.

There’s a delicate balance between using psychic information and depending on it. I think if you are going to apply psychic knowledge you need to use care and discretion on how you apply it to your life.

If you had a chance to look into a crystal ball and see where you would be one year from now, would you look? Do you think psychic knowledge is useful?


  1. Hey Alyson, I emailed you my guest post for the psychic thing and hope that you got it. If you didn't, let me know and I'll re-email you.

    I photoshopped a picture for it too that I thought looked nice. Let me know when you want to put it up and I'll make sure to direct people to it from my blog :).

  2. Hi Michael, I got your guest post- you did a great job on it! I'll put it up next Monday. :)

  3. Psychics don't get telegraphs about themselves often, so I hear.

    I think intuition is something all people have but few acknowledge what it is or are open to it. There are, with everything, varying degrees but it isn't as unique as people think.

    Why did you go left instead of right one day and found the job you've been looking for? How did you know a friend needed you as she was dialing the phone? It happens to people all the time, they dismiss it as coincidence.

  4. I think it would be difficult if you were getting information about yourself all the time. And even though i'm not psychic, there have been times of knowing to call someone or do something just based on intuition.

  5. I've always seen visions since I was around 5. I see some visions daily. All come thru. I have been placed on midication due to my ability to release information. What is your view on letting people know your business? Please email me if you have the ability. Kauai730@GMAIL.COM