Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Post: Top Six Cryptids Known to Man- Or Not Known to Man

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Imagine you are a kid again, and you are out camping with your friends. The sun has gone down and it is dark and silent, you are all gathered around the campfire and you ran out of smores. What is the first thing you do? For us, it was brewing up a scary story. It usually involved some sort of monster concocted by our imaginations, and maybe our worst fears.
It’s human nature to revel in the unknown, as it is proven over and over again with the stories across the generations of cryptids. They have been emphasized in pop culture and in movies such as The Mothman Prophesies, and also countless movies on mermaids and Big Foot. Here are our top six of the more popular cryptids, what their story is, and the likelihood of their existence.
6. Giant Octopus
The giant octopus is classic fisherman’s story of a monster the size of a small island, which attacks ships and brings its victims underwater in a whirlpool of soggy doom. It is also known as the Kraken, whose name probably came from “krake” the German word for octopus. Though there has been partial carcasses washed up on shore and photographed, and many siting reported by seamen in different parts of the world, cryptologists believe that it is just a large jellyfish or the recently discovered giant squid.
5. Nandi Bear
Nandi Bear is kind of the big foot of Africa. It’s a large carnivorous bear with a sloping back and high shoulders, sometimes as high as four feet. It is said to only eat the brains of its victims, like some sort of African zombie teddy. Unlike your childhood teddy, it is said to be ferocious and highly dangerous. Some people believe it is some form of previously undiscovered hyena, or even a baboon.
4. Giant Vampire Bat
All European romantic folklore aside, vampire bats actually do and have existed. These bats are very small though, usually not any bigger than the palm of one’s hand. There have been reported sites by herdsmen of bats with over 3 feet wingspans who suck the life (or blood) out of their cows. Though there is one species of bats on a blood diet that have up to a 17 inch wingspan, they are believed to be extinct. However, scientists believe there are still many undiscovered species.
3. El Chupacabra (Goat Sucker)
One of the most diversely described cryptids; they have been described as lizard, dog, or small bear like creatures with red eyes, sharp teeth, and darting tongues. All the descriptions have one thing in common though; they all use their teeth to suck out the blood of goats. Though the likelihood of a lizard with a goat vendetta is low, cryptologists believe that it may be a diseased or new breed of a dog or bear. Some even believe it to be a hybrid between the two.
2. Mothman
This creature usually is described as a large, moth like man with wings, brown fur, and red eyes. The Mothman has been cited by numerous people, usually is not aggressive, and flies away abruptly. Some people think it was a warning of impending doom, as there was a collapsed bridge around the same time as the sightings. Most write it off to be a siting of a Sandhill Crane, or an Artic Snow Owl, as both birds match the description.
1. Merfolk
Merfolk are usually reported being seen in any civilization with a shoreline since as early as can be recorded. They are creatures with a humanoid torso, neck and face, and an aquatic animal’s body from the waist down. The mermaids, much like the sirens, are said to drive ships to crash by mesmerizing the seamen with their singing, leading them to be distracted and dangerous. There are no theories as to the type of animal it could be, besides an extinct semi-aquatic primate.
Cryptologists are still studying and searching for hundreds of different cryptids, trying to distinguish fact from fiction. Let’s keep our eyes peeled on the wood line, and the shores, and see what we can get a glimpse of.


  1. This is a good roundup of creatures featured in stories. I've heard that octopi are actually quite friendly so it is hard for me to believe that they are the horrible monster that tales weave of them. The squid on the other hand is pretty mean so I can see why giant squid would attack and eat everything.

  2. Most of what I've read about octopi paint them as pretty gentle but they look scary enough that I think someone could easily believe it to be a monster just by looking at it.