Monday, August 1, 2011


Telekinesis is the idea that people can use their minds to move objects. People have been fascinated with the idea for hundreds of years. Most of the time, it’s thought to be caused by the movement of an objects atoms using some sort of brain wave or unidentified mental ability. The idea that humans could have such amazing powers is appealing. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of control over the world?

 The United States government has done numerous studies on telekinesis and privately funded parapsychology labs still actively research the possibility. Most of the reported tests show little more than small evidence of the phenomenon, which is usually credited to bias on the parts of researchers. Many early studies also attempted to use trickery to demonstrate telekinesis. Despite all the negative attention it’s brought, people are still interested in it. Spoon bending parties were popular for awhile and there are still all kinds of websites that claim to teach people telekinesis.

We may never be able to prove that telekinesis exists (or doesn’t exist) but that won’t stop people from trying. Maybe someday we will truly understand how the mind works but until that time comes, telekinesis will probably be little more than a mystery.

Do you believe telekinesis is a real possibility?


  1. One of the issues with telekinesis is that there are too many charlatans out there who are good at Magic and are fooling people to get attention for themselves. This discredits anyone that may have the genuine talent.

  2. There are a few cases I believe hold some weight but... not many.

    The one case about the Russian woman, Nina (can't spell her last name) was fascinating to me. The toll it supposedly wracked on her body was tremendous, though.

  3. I agree that there are a lot of people out there just trying to take advantage of people.

  4. of course, is a real possibility