Friday, August 5, 2011

Creature Feature: The Storsjoodjuret

The Storsjoodjuret is a lake monster spotted by numerous people in Sweden. It’s thought to be anywhere from nine to thirty in length. Its most recognizable feature is a series of humps that appear to rise out of the water. It’s usually described as grey or brown in color and is thought to resemble some sort of sea serpent.

The Storsjoodjuret is often thought to be the result of misidentification. Driftwood, overturned boats and even waves in the water can be confused with something more unusual. Convincing the people that have spotted this monster that it isn’t real may not be quite so easy though. Some pretty interesting footage was captured off a boat in the early 90’s. You can watch the video here.

Do you think lake/sea monsters could be real?


  1. How the hell do you even pronounce that? You should have posted an audio file where you pronounced that name.

  2. I have some pronunciations, all of them wrong. LOL

    Seriously, could this just be another "Nessie" type thing?

  3. Could it be Nessie's cousin?

  4. I'm afraid you're on your own on figuring out how to pronounce this one. Your guess is as good as mine. It's hard to say with water creatures becuase it could be so many different things. This one seems more snake-like to me, where I think of Nessie as more dinosaur-like but it's hard to say for sure.