Monday, August 29, 2011

Crystal Skulls

            There’s a legend that the Mayans created 13 crystal skulls possessing special powers that were scattered with the intention of being reunited one day in the future. The story varies quite a bit, depending on telling it. Some say the skulls will bring peace and healing to the world while others see them as a warning to the end of times. The legends origins are uncertain. People have started finding skulls made from quartz crystal and trying to understand why they were created. While most people believe the Mayans were the original source for the skull story, some people also attribute the creation of the crystal skulls to the Aztecs.

            In the last hundred years, several crystal skulls have been discovered. Unfortunately, all of the large skulls show evidence that they were created after 1800. The tools used to create the skulls most likely didn’t exist in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. A small group of people claim that the skulls could have been created by extra-terrestrial beings, but it’s widely believed in scientific groups that the skulls were actually fake artifacts created by early treasure dealers. None of the known crystal skulls have come from archaeological sites.

            Despite the lack of evidence for early origins, some people still believe the skulls posses mystical qualities. The owner of one of the skulls, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, claims to see visions in the skull and that it has demonstrated the ability to heal disease.

            We will probably never fully understand the origin or meaning behind the existence of crystal skulls but people will most likely be fascinated with them for years to come.



  1. I think the biggest mystery behind these things is how did the ancient peoples make them? It obviously requires a lot of skill and perhaps technology simply not available to them at the time...adding to the mythology that perhaps aliens helped them.

  2. I agree with the above comment from Michael. It's the same with the ancient pyramids and temples that are scattered around the world. The Inkas especially were astronomers and built instruments to help them read and follow the movements of the stars. Why did they do this? What made them turn their eyes up in the first place?

    And then there's the practise of skull binding that gave them elongated skulls to supposedly give them a more god-like appearence. This was practised all over the world, from south america to Egypt and Greece during a time when neither knew of each other's existance. Why did they all do that? Maybe, as Michael says, they had a little outside help.

    Oh, I could go on for hours about this...but I won't lol...

  3. i think the reasoning behind them would be pretty interesting to try and understand. A lot of work and energy went into making them, however the'yre made. :)

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