Monday, October 3, 2011

Ghost Children

One of the most disturbing things that can happen during a ghost hunt is running into the spirit of a child. It’s hard to imagine what could cause a child to appear in a spirit form. When you encounter one, you can’t help but wonder what is keeping it here. But children spirits hardly appear to be a rare occurrence. Many people claim to have seen ghost children. On several occasions my team has captured EVP’s that sound like the voices of children as well. Many ghost hunters even bring toys with them on investigations to use with the hopes of interacting with children spirits.

Some people theorize that these children apparitions aren’t really children at all, but evil spirits pretending to be kids, with the hope of luring us into darkness. In my experience, the appearance of a ghostly child hasn’t appeared to be negative or evil in any way. They generally behave and interact like any other spirit.

We may never really understand why ghost children are still hanging around. Maybe they experienced a violent death and their energy imprinted on a certain location. Or perhaps they return here with the hopes of seeing a loved one. Or Maybe they just never moved on. Either way, if you go on ghost hunts, it’s best to be prepared to run into them because you never really know who, or what, you are going to meet.


  1. Ghost children. The idea alone is creepy. Like you said, it makes you wonder just what caused a young person to stick around. The subject is fascinating.

  2. My brother-in-law used to have two young ghost children where they lived. They used to stand at the bottom of their stairs and peer into the lounge as if they weren't supposed to be downstairs.

  3. In an episode of Paranormal Witness there was a ghost kid. It was terrifying. She kept wanting the ladies child to kill herself so she'd have a playmate.

  4. Ooh it's always interesting to hear about other peoples encounters. The kids thing is something that will probably always bother me. Michael, I saw that epidose. Pretty creepy stuff!