Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 10/26/11

Someone in Woodbridge, VA called cops to report a werewolf sighting. has the full story here.

Huffington Post posted an article about a video that claims to be footage of an alien in the Amazon jungle. The article does a pretty good job of explaining why the video is probably a fake.

Gather News posted an article about a UFO appearing on Monday Night Football. You can watch the video here. I actually think it looks more like a rod (I may do an article on rods in the future, but you can be the jduge.)


  1. Where o where does one get silver bullets? Apparently it is the only thing that will protect you in situations with a werewolf. But I doubt they sell them at the ammo store.

  2. Hmm they might be a bit hard to track down. Maybe a trip to your local metal worker. Is there such a thing as a silversmith? I bet you could find them on ebay though...