Monday, March 26, 2012

Interview Questions?

I've been thinking about doing interviews with some of my fellow ghost hunters on here but I have no idea what to ask them. I pretty much know their views on things already, so coming up with creative questions has been a bit of a challenge.

So I need your help. What kind of questions would you like to see asked? What do you guys want to know about? I'm open to pretty much any question you guys can come up with, and will do my best to bug some of my team members into answering.


  1. 1) Do you believe in ghosts?

    2) Why do you believe in ghosts?

    3) Do you believe that ghosts can only be of the human variety or can there be animal ghosts?

    4) Assuming you do believe in ghosts, why do you think that they have not passed on to the afterlife?

    5) What kind of equipment do you use? Is it expensive? Can anyone procure it?

    6) What is the most haunted place you have ever heard of? Would you ever go there?

    7) Has any ghost hunter ever been killed or injured by a ghost? How did it happen?

  2. I'm always curious what drives people to go out on a cold night and seek out something scary.

  3. 1. What is the most boring part of the job?

    2. Have you ever had someone bring you out to investigate under false pretenses and, if so, how did you handle it?

    3. Have you ever come across something that has shaken your conviction in the paranormal (or lack thereof) and, if so, what was it?

    4. Is there a place you really do/don't want to investigate?

    5. How old were you when you became interested in the paranormal?

    6. Have you ever run into an entity that is classified as something other than just a human ghost?

  4. Thanks guys, great questions. I'm going to be interviewing our lead investigator, Marcus later this week and hope to get it up next Monday. :)