Monday, March 19, 2012

Protect yourself from the wrong kind of ghost hunters

One of the downsides of pretty much any business is that there’s always a few shady people lurking around, trying to take advantage of innocent people. Occasionally we will do an investigation where the property owner has paid a group a lot of money to come in and ‘remove ghosts,’ do a house blessing, or just paid them and never heard back.

If you are going to have an investigation done, it’s important to research the group you’re working with. First, make sure they sound professional and knowledgeable when you talk to them. Then, ask them for references. Any seasoned group should have no trouble providing contacts for you to talk to about their work. Also, meet with them before hand if you can. You will get a much better gage of who is coming into your property. Be sure to ask about their techniques and equipment, because it varies a lot between groups. Also, find out how old their members are. A group of 15 year old ghost hunters is probably not who you want running through your house unsupervised. Find a group whose beliefs and system makes you comfortable. Most importantly, ask how much they are going to charge you. None of the respectable groups I know charge for investigations. There’s no reason you should ever pay to have a ghost hunting group in your house.

Most of the groups out there really do have good intentions and want to help others. But there are always a few bad seeds out there. So keep your eyes open and do plenty of research before inviting a group into your home or business. With a little work, it can be a great experience for everyone.


  1. Also, most ghost hunters investigate, not get rid of spirits.

    It is easy, when scared, to cling to whatever hope someone could provide you with when dealing with the paranormal. Most people are just looking for answers and to feel "normal" again and don't think about this like they would when they hire a contracter or a plumber.

    Great advice!

  2. You're right Jennifer. There's no way someone can be sure they've gotten rid of ghosts.

    And yes Michael, I have come across some teenagers calling themselves ghost hunters. Kind of a scary thought!