Monday, May 7, 2012

Save the Sedamsville Rectory

Last week I had the opportunity to investigate at a haunted rectory in Cincinnati. It’s a beautiful building and we had quite a bit of activity while we were there. But, there’s a problem. People who live in the community are trying to force out the group that’s restoring the building because they don’t like anything paranormal.

 A lot of people have dislikes of things like ghosts because of religious or personal beliefs. It’s something ghost hunters are used to dealing with. But the group restoring the building is doing an amazing job of bringing an old building back to life and preserving the history of the rectory and I don’t think they should be penalized just because the building has a reputation for being haunted.

There’s an online petition to save the Sedamsville Rectory. You can see the petition here . If you want  learn more about what’s happening there's a letter from the preservation society here.


  1. Religious people. Those are two fightin' words with me. They can never be reasoned with.

  2. Cool blog, Alyson. Congrats on your new release. People live and react by emotion. Reason never enters into it. We talk about that a lot up at the observatory.