Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 5/30/12

Hollywood Soap Box has a review about Animal Planet's mermaid film, Mermaids: The Body Found. You can see the article here.

Alaska Dispatch posted an article about theories of a lake monster in one of their lakes.

Huffington Post has an article on animals in Virginia that were cut by an unknown object. You can read it here.


  1. You find the weirdest articles on the internet. Any opinion on the Miami Zombie? They say that the dude was on some kind of drug. Just imagine what would happen if that drug that turned him into a flesh-eating zombie was distributed in the water supply. Zombie apocalypse incoming.

  2. The Miami zombie thing is really strange. He had to be on some kind of drug to do something like that. Ick.

    1. On the subject of zombies:

      There is a fungus that infects ants and takes them over. I don't remember where but, it is REALLY interesting.
      Oh, and there have been more incidents of people biting others during fights in stuff in Miami lately and also equipment that can detect a form of Mad Cow Disease in people was stolen. Or something like that.
      I think it is all a coincidence. I mean, it isn't like people haven't done crazy, weird stuff before. A couple of years ago a mentally unstable lady ate part of her baby's toes and brain. She wasn't a zombie, it was just very sad.

  3. I saw a show on that fungus once. Scary stuff! Just think what could happen if something like that happened with humans!