Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekly News Round-up 6/13/12

A Canadian farmer is blaming alien death rays for the death of hundreds of cattle. You can read about it here.

A man with 'vampire teeth' was arrested for attacking another man. The article is here. There's also a video about a woman who believes she's a vampire at the bottom of the article.

Following a severe head injury, a man discovered he had a sudden new ability to create music. He started playing the piano and has released an album. Read about it here.


  1. Brain injury is a mysterious thing. NPR featured a guy that got an injury and now creates art...thousands of paintings. Sometimes he is going so fast that he never lifts his brush off of the canvas. The mind is one of the strangest things in the world to understand.

  2. You have to wonder re farmers. All that isolation and time spent with cows. Always fun to catch up with your updates.