Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haunted Dolls

It’s a common belief in the paranormal world that spirits have the ability to attach themselves to or posses various objects. Some of the most common haunted object stories I’ve encountered have been about haunted dolls.

It seems like almost every place I’ve investigated has had at least one resident creepy doll. I think it’s mostly because old dolls sometimes look scary and people like to bring them to haunted locations. Sometimes investigators will bring dolls if they think there might be a child ghost inhabiting a building and leave it behind for the ghost to play with. Others are dolls that belong to the residence. Either way, they are creepy to run into in a dark space.

I’ve never actually seen a doll do anything paranormal on an investigation, but I have heard plenty of stories from fellow investigators, so I think it is a possibility. It makes sense that something with human characteristics and potential emotional ties would be fascinating to a ghost.

Do you think haunted dolls are a real thing or just another story?

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