Thursday, October 14, 2010

A day in the life of a ghost hunter

To celebrate the launch of the blog i'm doing two post on the same day. Yes, you heard right-two. So, just for fun, here's a day in the life of a ghost hunter

 9am- Wake up. Charge batteries
10am- Eat breakfast. Check equipment. Check that batteries are charging.

12pm- Eat lunch. Reorganize equipment. Check batteries. You never can be too careful. Spend next six hours doing as little as possible.

6pm- Pack equipment. Including batteries.

7pm- Arrive at site. Set up equipment. Talk to everyone possible. Swap a few good stories while waiting for dark to actually arive.

8 or 9ish- Begin investigation!! Surely, this will be the one to remember.

10pm- Camera batteries die. Recorder batteries die. Blame the ghosts for sucking up all the energy. Replace.

11pm- Giant crash in attic-time to check it out. Followed by disappointment when it's discovered to simply be a noisy vent.

12pm- Sit. Wait. Repeat. Something must happen soon...

1am- Someone saw something! In that dark room in the back there may have been a shadow they saw out of the corner of their eye. Everyone goes to investigate.

 2am- Ok, there was a shadow. For real. And a noise. Somewhere. I swear.

3am- The exhaustion hits. Team members begin to actually resemble ghosts.

4am- Clean up time. If only I wasn't so tired...

5am- Stuffs packed. Batteries are drained. Must drive home...

6am- Home at last! Time for bed. Wait, I really need to see that thirty seconds of footage where something may have happened. I just can't stand to wait till tommorow.

8am- Evidence found. Now i'm too tired to actually watch it.

9am- Bedtime. Well, once I recharge those batteries...

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