Thursday, October 14, 2010

Starting a blog is something i've been planning for quite awhile. It's finally here! You might be wondering what the point of this thing is so here's some of what I hope to cover:
-News and events in the ghost hunting and paranormal community
-Stories and ancedotes about ghost hunting
-General information and theories surrounding the paranormal

These are, of course, just starting points. There's a lot of ground to cover in this field. I'll also try to add an occasional dash of humor, so you aren't bored to tears.

You might also be wondering who I am and why on earth i've decided to write about this. Or not. Either way you're getting an anwer.

I've been a paranormal investigator with North Ohio Paranormal for two years and have been interested in anything paranormal for as long as I can remember. I noticed that there weren't a lot of blogs dedicated to this field, which is sad considering how popular it is. Ghost hunters and paranormal aficiondo's are generally  busy working which doesn't leave a lot of time for writing. I happen to enjoy writing so hopefully I can get this thing functioning and remember to actually update it once in awhile. I'm shooting for once a week but we'll see how that goes. For now, happy hunting. :)

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