Monday, November 29, 2010

The 7 Deadly Sins of Ghost Hunting

Lust-Have you seen that shiny new FLIR camera? Those colors? That imaging?  I want it, no, I NEED it.

Gluttony- I’m allowed to eat this much. The ghosts suck up all my energy and I must replenish it. With food. Lots of  food. Preferably cookies. And cheeseburgers.

Greed- I should have no problem making money on this. I mean, look at those TV guys-they’ve made MILLIONS. Right?

Sloth- I will stay in the exact same spot for the next two hours. I can totally spot ghosts from this comfy chair. I will stay awake. I will be alert. I will… ZZZ

Anger- What do you mean I have ZERO power left? How did this thing not get charged??!! What do I have to do to get something to work around here??!

Envy- My equipment is great and everything. It’s just not quite as awesome as their equipment. If I just had what they have I could definitely catch a ghost. On film. And faster than those guys.

Pride- I am the most amazing ghost hunter to ever exist! I am fearless. I am a warrior. I am a ghost hunter. Hear me roar!

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