Friday, November 12, 2010

Creature Feature: The Mothman

On December 15, 1967 the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia collapsed. The tragedy, which killed dozens of people, attracted press from all over. The press wasn’t coming just to learn about the accident but to cover strange reports of an unusual creature seen by several people shortly before the collapse.

Witnesses claimed to see something with glowing red eyes, gigantic wings, and an almost human shape. There were also claims that the creature made a terrifying screeching sound. Some people believed that the people involved were actually misidentifying large birds or animals. Others claimed that the Mothman was the result of a government experiment gone wrong. Many local residents thought the Mothman was trying to warn people about the disaster.

The mystery of the Mothman has never been solved. And people are claiming to see Mothman-like creatures at the sites of other major tragedies. These sightings have lead to theories that the Mothman is some sort of omen, or angel of death.

 Image by Marcus

Whatever the Mothman is, it’s got people asking questions. Mothman enthusiasts still visit the town in search of answers and Point Pleasant has become popular gathering spot for lovers of the paranormal, even though sightings in the area have mostly ended. Maybe one day the Mothman will make another appearance and we will get some answers.


  1. I know these posts are really old, but I just found your blog, and I'm going through them. :)

    Has anyone thought maybe Mothman could be a Banshee?

    It states that there were 'sightings' of it and whatnot... but then it also states that they heard a 'shriek'. Banshee's are known to have a loud shriek.

    And since they predict death, it's only natural for it to be seen/heard by all (well, not all... but you get my point) those people before the bridge collapsed.

  2. I think that is an interesting theory. Banshee's are usually associated with European folklore, but I don't see why one couldn't travel to other places.

  3. And since they can 'shape shift' into almost anything... who knows what they actually even really look like.

    You know those stories of the 'nursing home cats' that predict the patients death by laying on the foot of their beds? I've always thought maybe those could possibly be a Banshee as well. Especially when they have a 100% accuracy rate. What better place for one to hang around? lol

    If it's true that only the person who is going to die can hear the shriek, then it's only natural that no one else can hear it... thus not associating the two. They would just think it's a weird coincidence.

    It's been hundreds of years, and if they can shape shift into a bird... they could definitely fly here, or hitch a ride on a boat. lol