Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ghost Hunting 101

Here's the first installment of my series on ghost hunting for beginners. Check back next week for the next part!

Location is Everything.

A great way to get started ghost hunting is by choosing an interesting location. You can go with a spot you know it haunted or a place no ones ever been. I look for spots with historical significance or interesting claims of activity.

Be sure and research your location before conducting your hunt. Use the internet. Use the library. Visit local historical societies. They are great wealth of information and normally very willing to help out. A simple Google search of haunted locations in your city is a good starting point.

Be willing to talk to business owners about the possibility of conducting a ghost hunt. Many are more than willing to let ghost hunters in with the hopes of gaining some publicity.

Get permission from the property owner before embarking on a hunt. Never trespass on private property. Also be sure and use consent and liability forms for your investigations. (I'll post more on these in the future.) You don't want to risk a law suit.

Many places are beginning to offer their own ghost hunts. These can be great networking events for beginner and a lot of fun. The problem with these (besides the cost involved) is that they often take large number of people, making it difficult to actually capture activity.

Some parks (depending on where you live) may be open after dark. These are great beginning locations because they give you the freedom to explore a large area. Contact your local parks department to find out if any of the parks in your area are open at night.

Also be sure and take someone with you every time you go. Injuries can and do happen and you don’t want to be stuck alone all night if you are hurt.

Find the best location you can and have fun!

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