Friday, December 31, 2010

Creature Feature: Rusalka

The Rusalka is a mythical creature that hails from parts of Eastern Europe. While there are many variations to their descriptions, they are mostly considered to be young, water-dwelling females with powers that help them lure and entrap men and children. The Rusalka are often compared to mermaids, nymphs, and demons.

Some versions of the Rusalka are beautiful with glowing green eyes.  Others are down-right frightening to look at. Often they are thought to be fond of singing and sometimes their voices have magical powers that help them entice people to come to them. While their origins vary, often times they are believed to be trapped or lost souls or women who died in or near water.

Many cultures around the world have created very similar mythologies, and the Rusalka mythology is no exception. Women were once viewed as both mysterious and potentially dangerous creatures in many places in the world. It was easy for people to create stories about them. An unusual or independent woman could be written off as some sort of supernatural being. And if someone couldn’t explain something, the supernatural was used to justify it. And with the unexplainable came the legends we’ve come to love, like the mysterious ladies of the water, the Rusalka.

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