Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weekly News Round-up 12/29/10

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! Here's this weeks paranormal news round-up. Enjoy!

This week everyone's been talking about a man in Kentucky who shot a strange animal that has been hanging ariund his property. Everybody has an opinion about what it actually is. Some claim it's a chupacabra while others are convinced it's just another wild animal with mange. AOL news has more about it here. What do you think it is? has a nice article on the history of the abominable snowman.

Here's a video of some strange lights spotted in El Paso. They are pretty strange looking!


  1. Well, like the Humane Society lady said, that 'chupacabra' is too small to be a coyote, but it does look like perhaps a racoon or opossum.

    The mysterious lights thing is probably nothing, considering I once got scared because a bunch of lights went up in the sky, and it turned out to just be these candles that people on cruise ships near port get, tie with a mini-helium balloon, and send off to float into the night.

  2. Most of the 'Chupacabra' images I see are cleary animals suffering from mange, but it's easy to see how people could mistake them for something supernatural.

    Lights are really difficult to pin point because there are so many potential sources for them at night. I've never heard about the candle thing but I bet it was pretty cool to see!