Sunday, December 19, 2010

Interview: Mark Collins

Today I’ve got an interview with Mark Collins to share with you. Mark Collins is the journalist who has been reporting on the paranormal M6 crash and the mysterious crash in Paris and has graciously agreed to answer some questions about the events surrounding the two incidents. If you haven’t been following this story you can check out the latest press release here, courtesy of PRLog.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I'm a freelance journalist based in Manchester
What publications have you written for?

I've written comment articles for VoloLegal, a legal networking site
and also placed many articles on behalf of clients across a broad
spectrum of subjects including construction, health and cosmetics
 How did you get involved in reporting the M6 crash?

My brother was traveling to London on the day it happened and was
about a quarter of a mile behind the accident, he alerted me to it and
also the fact he felt that if wasn't a straight forward crash.

There has been some speculation about Detective Silverton. Can you tell me a little about him?

I've only met him twice and spoke to him twice. What I know is that he
seems to be work for some special investigative team that specialises
in events of this type.

What do you think is connecting the crash in Paris and the M6 one in Birmingham?

I've been told by my source that there are similarities to both
incidents that are difficult to dismiss as purely coincidental. I also believe the suspect they have in custody is a common denominator in this as well.

 Do you think the events surrounding the incidents are paranormal in nature?

As a journalist you always try to look for the most rational, logical
explanations for all the events so as to eliminate the word
paranormal. In truth what I have seen and what I have been told and
reported on seems to challenge that assertion and there are certain
parts that make up the whole of these incidents that are unexplainable.

You’ve mentioned the use of a secret code. Is there anything you can tell us about the code? Do you think detectives are close to cracking it?

This is one aspect to the investigation that is very strange. On the
surface of it the code seems to be a load of gibberish that has no
relevance. But I understand the investigation team believe this is a
real world communication format that is being used; whether that
substantiates the rumours of paranormal activity or not is a separate
debate, but they are keen to crack it. They are looking at the relevance of some of the co-ordinates that are mentioned in it as well as the naming of certain metals from the periodical table.

Are there any plans to meet with Detective Silverton in the future?

Only when he contacts me. I have no way to contact him.

Do you believe the suspects involved to be human?

Definitely. There is no suggestion at all that the suspects are alien life forms.

Several people have mentioned seeing a bright light prior to the accident in Paris. Do you think the light is connected with the accident?

Yes. The only doubt I have is that the accident on the M6 was very
near to fireworks night, but the incident in Paris was not and also
too many people were reported to have seen this light. That coupled
with the alleged CCTV evidence suggests the light was very much part
of the incident.

Are you concerned that similar events may occur in the future?

I'm not concerned but I am sure it will happen again, although where
and when I have no idea as there appears to be no pattern to it.

If someone has information about the crash, what steps should they go through to
share the information?

The only thing I would suggest is to post onto sites like yours and
similar as I have not been asked or have any contact details to give
out. Detective Silverton made it clear that past calls for evidence in
these types of case meant they got too many hoaxers; something they are
keen to avoid.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. If anyone has any information about either crash, please leave a comment.

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