Monday, February 14, 2011

Interview: Michael Clark

Today I've got an interview with Michael Clark from Ghost Guys. He was nice enough to answer a few questions for me. If you haven't had a chance to check them out be sure to click the links at the bottom! Here's the interview.
Can you tell me a little about yourself?
My name is Michael Clark. I am Co-host and Executive Producer of Ghost Guys and Ghost Guys LIVE. I’ve had a fascination with the paranormal since I was a kid, which has only been equaled by my fascination with science. It was only natural for me to put the two together.
 How did you get interested in ghosts?
I had an experience with the Ouija board when I was a kid. My mother and I were using the board when my brother showed up with some friends of his and they began asking questions about their relatives and some of their other friends. They knew that neither my mother or I knew the answers to these questions. The Ouija board gave them the answers. They immediately wanted to know how my mother and I were doing it, as if we were performing some sort of magic trick. Only it wasn’t a trick. My mother and I had no idea how the board had come up with the answers. Ever since then I have been interested in ghosts and the paranormal.
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Up until very recently I had never actually seen a ghost. I didn’t know if I ever would. Then we decided to study the phenomena of attachment haunting. We called it the Haunted Doll Project. I didn’t think we were ever going to find an authentic haunted doll until one day a woman from Florida named Raeanne sent us an Egyptian camel doll with an Arab rider. The doll originated from Egypt and is well over 50 years old. I received the doll on December 17, 2010. The first few weeks the only activity was an Arabic EVP that I captured while filming on the day that the doll arrived. Since then the activity has ramped up and has been well documented in our latest episode, RIVER HOUSE: An American Haunting. Immediately following the filming of that episode I saw a shadow person in my kitchen. It moved quickly from one end of the kitchen to the other and then it was gone. It couldn’t have been more than a few feet tall.
What made you decide to become a ghost hunter?
I got a taste of the reality of the paranormal and I got hooked. I became an aviation electronics technician in the U.S. Coast Guard and my love for science, technology and gadgetry was born. I now had a way to test and measure the validity of paranormal activity. It was quite some time before I came to a full realization of this fact, but once I did, I knew that I had finally crossed onto the path of my destiny. I simply took the next logical step and became a ghost hunter.
How did Ghost Guys get started?
Ghost Guys started as Nervous TV and was going to be a network of paranormal shows. Nervous TV asked the question, “What makes YOU nervous?” We were carrying the Jack & Laura Ghost Series out of South Wales . We had scheduled Ghost Ops and the US Ghost Academy to launch in the spring. Ghost Guys was a show we were producing for Nervous TV but all of a sudden the attention of our fans was focused on Ghost Guys and it began to grow in popularity very quickly. We soon realized that we were going to have focus on Ghost Guys as well and give it every opportunity to be the huge success we know it is destined to become.
What makes the Ghost Guys different from other ghost hunting groups?
Ghost Guys has a vision that I believe makes us unique among the ghost hunting groups that are in the paranormal field today. First of all, we have a strong commitment to a new scientific understanding of the paranormal. I talked about some of my scientific theories on Paranormal Radio out of Virginia and I wrote a blog article on AEVP, or Accelerated Electronic Voice Phenomena, that deals with photon rate of oscillation and wavelength compression. I believe this will revolutionize the field of EVP technology.
We have the SHEET method of investigation that will soon include a strategy of environmental triggering in which the entire environment of the target spirit or spirits is recreated in order to stimulate a response. This would include setting, trigger objects, period dress and so forth.
We are also at the cutting edge of social media and our fans are deeply involved in all of our ghost hunting activities. Ghost Guys is their show. We are seeking a partnership with GoPro to bring ghost hunting into the future. Ghost Guys LIVE events will be streamed from static cameras, mobile cameras and head-mounted GoPro cameras. Live chat rooms will also be available. Our ultimate goal is to bring a fully-interactive experience to the VIP viewer of Ghost Guys. An experience that would allow the VIP user to ghost hunt anywhere in the world vicariously through Jim and I as we are live on location. The selected VIP will be a “buddy” of either myself or Jim and will see what we see and discuss with us in real-time the actions to take, the questions to ask during EVP sessions and much more.
Has something ever frightened you during an investigation?
Jim and I just recently completed RIVER HOUSE: An American Haunting. Something occurred during this investigation that shook us to the core. I remember asking Jim, “How do we manage this? Where do we go from here?” I did not have a ready answer for those questions but Jim and I are committed to move forward and continue in our journey to discover evidence that there is truly something on the other side.
What is your most memorable investigation so far?
While RIVER HOUSE was our most frightening investigation, GHOST RAILS INN was definitely our most memorable. It was the first time we had ever captured evidence of object manipulation. The realization was shocking. We were also enamored by the hospitality of Innkeepers Thom & Grace Garrett and their interviews were revealing and captivating.
What location would you most like to investigate?
While there are many fascinating locations throughout the United States and the world, one of the most compelling locations in my mind is the Bell Witch in Tennessee . We are currently in contact with a direct descendent of the Bell family who has been video-taped being slapped and having her hair pulled by the Bell Witch. She has agreed to join us in a lockdown if we can secure permission to investigate the Bell Witch.
What can people look forward to seeing from the Ghost Guys in the future?
The future of Ghost Guys will bring GoPro technology and interactive ghost hunting to the home computers of paranormal enthusiasts around the world. We will be on the cutting edge of science and technology and will always be pushing the envelope, looking for new ways to stimulate activity and capture it on film. Ghost Guys will soon begin U. S. and International tours. VIPs will be invited to lockdown with the Ghost Guys at haunted locations and join us on Skype conference calls. And as always, you can interact with me directly on Facebook and Twitter.
You can find out more about Ghost Guys below!


  1. Great interview, is Michael looking for new recruits as this would be my dream job lol. Keep up the good work and happy valentines.

  2. Awesome interview questions. I don't think I could ever use a ouija board. That is too creepy.

  3. Thanks Ryan, I don't know if he is looking for recruits, you could always send him a message lol.

    Michael, I don't recommend the use of Ouija board, you never really know who (or what) you are talking to. A lot of people get an interest in the paranormal after messing with them though.

  4. I agree Alyson. I burned the last one I messed with and will not allow another one in my house. It's too risky. It opens a doorway for entities to come into your home. I also do not recommend conducting investigations in your home. I know from personal experience that this is not a good idea.

  5. Hi Michael. The Ouija board IS creepy. I've had experiences with it that have convinced me of the paranormal but I believe the board acts as a portal or doorway that allows entities of all kinds to come into your home. This includes evil or demonic spirits especially because they are very opportunistic.

  6. Hi Ryan. We are not looking for new recruits at the moment as far as permanent team members for the shows but we ARE looking for VIP candidates. You can learn more about VIP status here: let me know if you are interested.