Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 2/2/11

Lots of strange sightings reported this week!

Another big cat was spotted in the UK in clear view during the day. The Independent posted a full report.

The Mothman was seen near Cincinnati, Ohio. Phantoms and Monsters posted an eye witness report of the sighting here.

AOL News has an article and video about some strange lights seen over Utah that appear to be dropping something. You can find the article here. Anybody have any idea of what could be causing the lights?


  1. LOL I live in Utah. It was too cold though to be out looking for strange lights. It's enough having to deal with strange people.

    I read your article on the mothman and it was rather unsatisfying. I mean...I wanted to know what it is and your article says that no one knows what it is. If people don't know what it is, how can they be sure that they've seen it? I guess I'm confused on that.

  2. Lol Michael, there are plenty of strange people out there to deal with. There are lots of different theories about what the Mothman is, it's just impossible to prove anything without any real evidence. Like Ryan said, a lot of people think it's some sort of mutated animal. Others think it's more like an angel or demononic creature. Anyones guess is as good as anothers.

    Thanks Jennifer!