Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 3/2/11

This weeks round up was a bit of a challenge to collect as I had to wade through quite a collection of articles about Charlies Sheen's odd behavior to find the paranormal stuff. But here it is!

ForteanTimes has an article about using science to explain orbs spotted in moden photos. You can find it here.

Another Bigfoot hunt is on in North Carolina. Digtri has the article here.

Emirate24/ posted an article about a judge who blamed his bad behavior on a jinn. Remind me to keep that excuse handy for the next time I get in trouble.

I've also been awarded The Stylish Blogger Award by my friend Michael at LSC Kismet. You can check out his blog here. This award works like a chain letter. I have to pass it on to ten people and share ten things about myself as well. Here are ten random things about me.

1. I've had just about every job known to man at one point or another. I've been a grocery bagger, a hair stylist, a pharmacy technician, a telemarketer, a factory worker, a clerk at a gas station, even a waitress for an entire 3 hours. And that's just to name a few. Strangely enough I was never fired from any of them. I usually just get fed up with something and quit. I've been at my current job for a solid 4 years though so apparently I'm getting better. 

2. I love the color blue. I'm weirdly obsessive about it.

3. I'm terrified of spiders. And slightly creeped out by lobsters, because they remind me of large spiders.

4. I love all things artistic and creative. Writing, drawing, painting, dancing,  and random crafts are all things I enjoy.

5. I have two cats and a pet ferret. I love all animals but I am especially fond of whales and dolphins.

6. I'm working on editing my first novel. I'm starting to feel like I may never finish it, because I hate editing.

7.  I once crashed a part because one of my friends told me it was something she wanted to do before she died. It led to a completely crazy night where I was almost arrested twice and I wasn't even drinking. Hey, I was just doing my duty as a good friend.

8. I don't drink. Or smoke. I've never had any real interest in either.

9. I really want to live near the ocean someday.

10. I have no idea why the spacing is so weird on this post and I can't seem to fix it. So your eyes will just have to deal.

Here are my ten awardees!

Awardees should pass on the award and share ten things about themselves!


  1. I think Charlie Sheen is a paranormal creature.

  2. You could be quite right. It wouldn't suprise me at all.

  3. But what KIND of creature? Would be awesome to do an April Fools Creature Feature on him. lol

    Thanks for thinking of me with the chain award, I really like your blog too.

  4. Ooh that's a good idea Jennifer. I may have to do that. Thanks :)