Monday, September 19, 2011

Ghost Hunting 101: Protecting yourself during a ghost hunt

Ghost Hunting 101:  Protecting yourself during a ghost hunt

One thing that gets quite a bit of discussion among ghost hunters is whether or not people need to be concerned with being harmed, injured, or influenced by paranormal entities.  While it’s unlikely that anyone is going to die from a run in with a ghost, sometimes bad things do happen. People occasionally get scratched, shoved or threatened during investigations.

Everyone has a different take on how to protect themselves. Many investigators wear jewelry or carry tokens they believe will help to guard them. Others recite prayers or go through various rituals before or during an investigation. Some people avoid saying or doing things to provoke anger from spirits (while others do this with the intention of forcing a response.)

There’s no hard proof that any of these things can stop negative activity from happening but I certainly don’t think it hurts. Sometimes the peace of mind created by a ritual can make a big difference. If you can relieve your fear, you are going to be a better investigator. If something makes you more confident, no matter how silly the ritual, it’s probably worth doing.


  1. Also, you could injure yourself if you aren't careful stumbling around in the dark (when most of this seems to take place). You should always be aware of your surroundings.

  2. That's very true. I've seen people take some nasty falls on investigations. We usually bring a first aid kit for that kind of thing. :)