Monday, September 26, 2011

Haunted Objects

A quick search on Ebay pulls up over 100 supposedly haunted objects for sale. Of course, most of these objects are just regular items someone added the word ‘haunted’ to with the hopes of making a quick buck. Dolls, paintings, jewelry and antiques are frequently said to be potentially haunted. But can an object really be haunted?

This is a question that’s nearly impossible to answer because there’s no way to verify whether a haunting is being caused by an object or something else. Right now, all we have is the theory that a deceased person’s spirit might return to the things that were important to them during their life.

I have heard instances of paranormal activity beginning or increasing after someone acquired a certain object. I do believe it’s a possibility. But I also believe that truly haunted objects are rare and it’s usually not wise to go searching them out. Spirits can have a negative affect on the people they encounter. People sometimes claim to feel angry or depressed after encountering a ghost, and you don’t really want to bring that kind of energy into your home. Plus, you will likely just end up just wasting your money.

Have you every owned an object you thought was haunted or known someone with a haunted object?


  1. I saw some pictures and testimonials online of a haunted painting. It looked pretty frightening. Supernatural as well (the t.v. show) has covered this phenomenon. And then in literature we have the "Portrait of Dorian Gray".

  2. An old painting from my gran's house used to give me the creeps - not sure if it was just my reaction to it though - interesting advice. Your blog is always refreshigly different.

  3. Some of the haunted stuff online is pretty creepy looking, it's hard to tell sometimes if it's just our natural response to strange looking things!