Monday, November 21, 2011

Can Animals See Ghosts?

Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about people using animals to try and detect the presence of ghosts. It’s an interesting theory and it kind of makes sense. Animals are intelligent and often demonstrate intuitions and instincts that humans don’t always appear to have.

 Animals have detected earthquake and disasters hours or even days before they occurred and some species have travelled impressive distances to be reunited with lost family members. If they have these incredible abilities, it seems quite possible that they could potentially be able to interact with ghosts or other paranormal entities.

I have two cats and sometimes they stare intensely at things I can’t see. My boyfriend swears he caught one of them once acting as if it were being petted by someone when no one was there. I’ve seen friends dogs respond to unseen things as well, growling or barking at thin air. While it’s possible they are just responding to distant sounds or figments of their imagination, it certainly makes you question whether or not they can see something you can’t.

We will probably never really know if our pets can see and interact with spirits but it is fun to imagine that they can. A world where our furry companions can interact with lost loved ones or visiting strangers sounds like a fun place to be.

 Do you think animals can sense the paranormal?

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  1. My dog was barking so I opened the door and she ran and towards nothing and then flippe over on her back and actedn as if someone was rubbing her belly. Makes me think... the house has been in the family since it was built in the 40's.