Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I’m going to talk about a phenomenon known as rods (sometimes called skyfish.) These are objects captured on video cameras around the world. Some people believe they are a form of alien life, undiscovered animals, or strange spiritual beings (see video below.) The truth, however is much less exciting.

In reality, rods are nothing more than insects or birds flying past a camera. While traveling at high speed, their bodies are blurred by the camera. Because they move so quickly, each frame captures multiple wing beats. This speed creates an optical illusion that gives the insect the look of having multiple sets of wings and a flat, rod shaped body. Numerous researchers have actually been able to prove that fast-moving flying insects, when filmed, share the same physical properties and appearance as rods.

Have you ever captured a rod on camera?


  1. Interesting. I'd heard of these before but had no idea what they were.

  2. Yeah, the truth is way less exciting than I hoped it would be. :)