Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 12/29/11 posted an article about the life story of a UFO and Bigfoot researcher named Stan Gordon. You can read it here.

An finger thought to possibly belong to a Yeti was out through DNA testing-turns out the finger is human. Huffington Post has the article here.

Phantoms and Monsters posted an article about how the Hitchcock film, The Birds, was based on an actual event. Turns out there's also a scientific explanation for what happened.


  1. Thing is, Alfred Hitchcock was a genius when it comes to filming scenes. The birds may be based on actual events. However, the filming of it evokes terror very appropriately. Especially when the woman is stuck in the phone booth.

  2. I watched an interesting docu on the Yeti with Brian Blessed, I believe.