Monday, November 12, 2012

Do You Believe in Curses?

Hollywood, books, and the media all love the idea of a curse. A curse is basically a wish or charm to harm another person. Everyone jokes about them from time to time. But do you think the will to hurt another could be strong enough to actually take a physical form?

I think it’s possible. Human desire is a really strong thing. It has power and strength all on its own. I’ve seen people wish and will for things to happen, and then watched them come true in time. Well I certainly don’t think it’s always the case, I think it is possible to influence the world with out thoughts.

What do you think? Are curses real? Have you ever had an interesting experience with a curse?


  1. Curses aren't real. However, wronging someone and then having that bad blood spread to other people so that they make your life miserable is very real.

    Also, the human brain has a lot of power over your body. So if you believe that something is real and invest power in it, then most likely it will affect your physiology.

    But an actual curse? No. The people who went into King Tut's tomb exposed themselves to pathogens and airborne particulates that were extremely dangerous. When they died, everyone attributed it to a "curse."

  2. I agree with Michael. However, I know a witch who did a binding spell on somebody who was making her friend's life miserable and it worked.