Monday, November 5, 2012

Ghost Hunting Season is Winding Down...

Now that October has come and gone, people have started packing up the candy and putting away their costumes and decorations. The scary movies are starting to fade off TV as everyone gets ready for the busy holiday season. It also means we are getting ready to pack up our ghost hunting equipment for a few months.

Winter is usually pretty harsh and cold in Ohio, and most old buildings don’t have heat, so winter ghost hunts are always a challenge. Occasionally we will get a call or email from someone asking to investigate a personal residence but we try to use the winter months as a chance to rest and recharge before preparing for next years ghost hunting season. I’ve seen quite a few ghost hunters go full force for a year or two and they usually get burned out and end up quitting because they do too much.

Everyone needs a break sometimes. Do you find you need a break from any of your hobbies or interests?


  1. Don't forget to vote tomorrow. Ohio is the most important state in the union.

  2. Alyson, I thought of you when I read this