Monday, November 26, 2012

Ghost Hunting Classes?


Sometimes people ask me what sort of training it takes to get into ghost hunting. The truth is, there’s no real formal training available to most ghost hunters. Most of the people who do it learn from experience. Many people join an established group so that they can pick it up on their own. While classes are fun, there’s really nothing quite like hands on experience for learning.

I’d actually love to see someone develop an accredited ghost hunting class, but the truth is, every ghost hunting group works differently. Everyone has different techniques and perspectives. Each ghost hunt is a unique experience. Plus, there’s just nothing quite like the real thing. Some people go in confident and happy and then get terrified when something happens. Others go in expecting stuff to happen, then get bored when nothing happens right away.

Do you think it would be fun to take a ghost hunting class? Would you rather learn from experience?

1 comment:

  1. There are classes where you can learn to speak Klingon. I don't see how ghost hunting could be any different. So yeah...there should be classes in that too.