Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So I came across an article about a phone number in Bulgaria- 888-888-888 that has been retired partially because everyone assigned the number recently died unexpectedly (and because the police are investigating one of the deaths linked to the number.) It sort of sounds like the plot of a bad scary movie. I’m actually pretty doubtful that the number had anything to do with the deaths of the individuals (at least in an paranormal sense), but it’s an interesting concept. If you want to read more about it, the article is here.

Curses are always interesting to hear about and as people have gotten less superstitious, they’ve become less common. People generally know that there’s an explanation for everything that happens in life. But there’s something fun and mysterious about the paranormal, so people continue to link it to all sorts of things.

Would you ever use a phone number that was reportedly cursed? Would it bother you or would you just shrug it off?


  1. another interesting link as always Alyson - do you think there's any validity to curses?

  2. Did you see this article? http://www.inquisitr.com/417794/bizarre-but-real-public-health-warning-theres-a-vampire-on-the-loose/

  3. Anything is possible, I suppose.
    Maybe people die because, when they give out their number, the person hearing it thinks they're getting a phony number and gets ticked off. Rage ensues, death follows. I mean, I wouldn't ever think someone who gave me that number was being honest....