Monday, December 17, 2012

Top Ten Ghost Movies

I haven’t done a list in a while. Today, I thought I would do a list of some of the best movies that feature ghosts. Here’s my top ten, in no particular order. Are there any you would add to the list?

  1. Ghost busters
  2. Ghost
  3. Casper
  4. The Six Sense
  5. The Others
  6. The Ring
  7. Poltergeist
  8. Stir of Echoes
  9. What Lies Beneath
  10. Paranormal Activity


  1. I love that Ghost Busters and Casper made the list. Two of my favorites as well. I might also add :-) I'd also add 'A Christmas Carol' to my list ... my favorite version is the original 1950s one, but most of them have been well done.

  2. Ghost Busters: I agree. This introduced us to some novel special effects, had great humor, and was totally unexpected in many ways. Great hit.

    Ghost: Also agree. Romance is fantastic, and "Unchained Melody" really brought it home. I really miss Patrick Swayze.

    Casper: No.

    Sixth Sense: Yes. M. Night was brilliant in this one. It really floored me as original and provocative.

    The Others: Also good. I agree that I was not predicting the ending. In a way, it's from the same bloc as M.Night

    The Ring: Holy cow! This one scared me to death. Fantastic that every element of the black and white video was important.

    Poltergeist: Totally agree. Spielberg's tale was riveting. It still is. I hope they don't screw up the remake.

    Stir of Echoes: Never saw it

    What Lies Beneath: Meh? Harrison Ford as the evil one? I suppose it was okay but many better ghost stories.

    Paranormal Activity: Scared the bejebus out of me.

    Okay, things I would have rather seen in this list of yours:

    1) Blair Witch Project. Way better in execution than Paranormal Activity.

    2) The Changeling (George C. Scott). This ghost story is classic and terrifying. If you haven't seen it, please rent it and let me know what you think.

    3) Paranorman. This ghost story released in 2012 was just awesome. Great animation and story by Neil Gaiman.

  3. Oh and Paranormal Activity isn't a ghost story. It's a demon. Look it up, you'll see that I'm right.

  4. You're right Michael.I'm not sure how I was thinking ghost for paranormal activity! :)