Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Phantom Music

One phenomenon that comes up sometimes while ghost hunting is the sudden occurrence of music that seems to have no traceable origin. This can be in the form of a piano music, a person whistling or singing, or even radio music. When it happens, it’s often both confusing and exciting. We will often wander around a building looking for the source of a strange sound, but music is even stranger to hear.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for possible explanations for the sounds when I’ve heard them, but usually I’m just left with an eerie feeling. It’s really not that difficult to think that music might be one of the things left behind by people, after all, it’s often very emotional and powerful and can be linked to people life’s in unique ways.

Have you ever heard music you couldn’t find a source for?


  1. This is fascinating. I've never heard of phantom music and the fact that you've heard it and never found the source intrigues me. That sounds like pretty hard evidence.

    BTW, did you listen to NPR's discussion on Bigfoot? It was fascinating.

  2. Actually I hear what seems to be a phantom radio during the night once in a while. Too low to hear the lyrics, but loud enough to follow the tune, recognize that it's radio music (though I rarely recognize a song) and keep you awake - and it goes on for hours. I am psycic, so I often wonder if the "frequency" psycics are attuned to is on the same "wavelength" that can also allow us to hear EVP's.....